Experimental Challenges in Gravitational Wave Detection

  • Matteo Barsuglia, APC-Paris, France - Instrumental challenges in ground-based gravitational wave detectors 
  • Rita Dolesi, University of Trento, Italy - Instrumental challenges in space-based gravitational wave detectors
  • Philippe Bouyer, Institut d’Optique d’Aquitaine - Large-scale atom interferometers: towards observation of Gravitational Waves and more
  • Venkatraman Krishnan, Max Planck Institute, Bonn, Germany - Radio Pulsars and Relativistic Gravity

Fundamental Tests and Equivalence Principle Tests

  • Luigi Cacciapuoti, ESA -  ACES -  Space clocks and fundamental tests: The ACES experiment
  • André Großardt, University of Jena, Germany - Testing fundamentally semiclassical gravity
  • Gugliemo Tino, University of Florence, Italy - Testing gravity with atoms
  • Manuel Rodrigues,  French Aerospace Lab, Onera, France -  Testing the equivalence principle in space with MICROSCOPE: countdown to the final results
  • Marco Giammarchi, INFN-Milano, Italy  -  Antimatter, Gravity and Fundamental Tests

Geodesy and Ranging

  • Luciano Iess, University of Roma Sapienza, Italy - Gravity in the solar system
  • Pieter Visser,   Delft University of Technology,  The Netherlands - Future constellations for observing Earth’s time variable gravity field
  • Helen Margolis, National Physical Laboratory, Teddington, Middlesex, UK -  Relativistic Geodesy using optical clocks
  • Simone Dell'Agnello, LNF-INFN, Italy - Lunar and interplanetary laser ranging
  • Gerhard Heinzel, Max-Planck-Institut für Gravitationsphysik, Hannover, Germany - The first interspacecraft laser ranging interferometer on GRACE Follow-On, and conclusions for future gravity missions